Hempcrete is a non-structural bio-composite building material also known as “Hemp Lime”. Let us explain how and why it should be your number one choice when deciding what to build or restore your home with.

Carbon Sequestering.

Hemp absorbs 4x more carbon from the atmosphere than trees. One tonne of industrial hemp produced removes 1.63 tonnes of carbon, and when you build with hempcrete it continues to sequester throughout its lifetime. It is estimated that one hemp home sequests 22 tonne of CO2 over a 100 year period.

Non Toxic.

Hemp crops are typically grown with no pesticides or herbicides due to it's natural resilience. Hempcrete itself has no off-gassing as it contains no toxic VOCs, making it a healthier choice for both us and the Environment.

100% Bio-Degradable.

Hempcrete produces zero waste, as you can use up-to 10% of recycled hempcrete into a new mix, even if it's fully cured. When demolished it's able to be crushed and used as fertilizer for agricultural purposes.


The micro capillaries of the hemp hurd creates a lot of small air pockets locked in the wall which gives it a valuable R rating. Due to the relative level of compaction, hempcrete can have high or low thermal mass. This allows the material to be thermal conductive where needed, creating a consistent temperature to be maintained within the home without any major fluctuation.

Hygroscopic Properties.

The hygroscopic properties of hempcrete allows moisture to pass through the large internal surface area of the hurd where it's then absorbed into the cellular structure. It acts like a humidity buffer while also purifying the air quality. The storage capacity allows the material to filter moisture when present and to release it when temperature conditions allow.


Hempcrete is extremely durable. As it dries through absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, the lime that coats the hemp hurd begins to petrify and turn into stone however the internal structure remains lightweight and porous. Studies show once fully cured, hempcrete can last for hundreds of years withstanding pressure and damage. It's up to 3x more resistant to cracking than concrete and up to 80% lighter. It also helps keep framing studs well supported under load and movement, making it an ideal solution for building in earthquake prone areas.

Fire Resistant.

Many tests around the world have been conducted to prove hempcrete has high levels of fire resistance. The surface blackens but the flame does not penetrate through the wall.

Mold & Pest Resistant.

Due to the lime content, hempcrete has a high pH and is inherently anti-microbial and anti-fungal, meaning it resists the development of mold even when the humidity and temperature conditions would cause mold to occur, making it a desirable material in both cold and hot climates and anywhere where humidity levels are high. Also because of the high alkaline nature of lime, pests such as bora, ants and rats are deterred from the wall.


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