If you are interested in purchasing a HempKrete Wood-fired Oven, please get in touch and request a quote. All quotes are based on the information you provide us, if there are changes to your requirements we can adjust the quote. If there are additional costs as a result these will be passed on to you. If the information provided for the quote is inaccurate Kohu Hemp does not take responsibility. Please ensure all information you provide is correct before accepting our quote.

Once the quote is accepted we will provide a 50% deposit invoice which is to be paid within 7 days of receipt. Extended payment dates are only available upon request or in special circumstances. We will issue the remaining 50% invoice once your oven is ready to be delivered which is also to be paid within 7 days of receipt. All orders must be paid in FULL before delivery. We are not responsible for any delivery delays caused by late payment.

Cancellations and Returns

We aim to supply goods in excellent condition. We will repair or replace any item found defective or damaged before delivery or during unloading. This is in addition to your manufacturer's guarantee. We do not offer refunds if you change your mind so please keep this in mind before purchasing.

If you cancel an order prior to paying the deposit invoice there will be no additional charges and we will void the order. If you wish to cancel an order after paying the deposit invoice this is non-refundable.


As we use third party delivery services we cannot guarantee the delivery price, we will provide a quote for the estimated cost but any price variances will be passed on to you.

Delivery times are also the third party's responsibility and we are not liable for any changes to delivery times.

Information on the third party delivery services will be provided to the customer.

If the delivery is unable to be completed due to complications of any kind such as access or otherwise the customer is responsible for any associated costs.


Please do not sign for or accept any goods until unpacked and checked in full. Only sign if you are completely satisfied with the condition of your purchase. Items that have been signed for “cleanly” are deemed satisfactory in condition. If you are unsure about an item, we ask you to contact us prior to signing.


Should damage occur, we will open a claims proceeding. It is vital for us to gather as much information about the nature of the damage and how it occurred, through this we ask if you can provide photographs of the damage, and then e-mail them over to us. This helps to speed the claims proceeding along so that we can rectify any issues in a timely fashion. The documentation that is signed for at the time of delivery will play a pivotal role in these proceedings, so please ensure that it has been signed for correctly. If you have signed for something in good condition and then later realise that it is damaged, it is very difficult for us to get a successful claim, and this can result in additional costs being incurred by you.


While we use high quality materials, hairline cracks and colour changes may occur on some ovens during and after operation because of the natural effect of expansion and cooling respectively. These are superficial cracks only and do not affect the structural integrity of the product nor will they adversely affect the life and effectiveness of the product.

For full details on our terms and conditions please contact us Info@kohuhemp.nz.

Kohu Limited trading as Kohu Hemp. ​

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Please fill out the enquiry form with as much information as possible about your interest and/or project needs and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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